Magnox awards major decommissioning and asbestos removal contract

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Five suppliers have been awarded a framework contract to meet the needs of the Magnox decommissioning programme across the UK with an estimated value of £485m.

Costain Ltd, Keltbray Holdings Ltd and the Celadon Alliance a collaboration between Altrad Support Services Ltd, KDC Veolia Decommissioning Services Ltd and NSG Environmental Ltd have been awarded framework contracts for Lots 1 and 2. In addition, Kaefer UK & Ireland have been awarded a framework contract for Lot 1 and Nuvia Ltd on behalf of Metis have been awarded a framework contract for Lot 2.

Speaking on behalf of the Celadon Alliance, Paul Raper of Altrad said; “The Celadon Alliance (Altrad, KDC and NSG) are delighted with this latest contract award, which demonstrates the strength of our partnership and builds on our successful track-record of delivery across the Magnox estate.”

“We’ve been selected as a partner by Magnox on the DAR framework, in both Lots 1 and Lots 2 - supporting Magnox with its mission to deliver value for the taxpayer whilst cleaning up the nation’s nuclear legacy.”

Sam White, Managing Director for the natural resources division, Costain, commented: “Costain has been implementing innovative solutions to deal with legacy nuclear waste for over 20 years and these awards build on our decommissioning heritage with Magnox. Our previous work across the Magnox fleet has been instrumental in moving sites towards care and maintenance – essentially defueling, decommissioning and creating safestores. This work represents a significant milestone along the decommissioning journey towards eventual final site clearance.”

“KAEFER UK & Ireland has been a proud supplier to Magnox for over ten years and we are delighted to continue to support the programme for the next six years with our asbestos removal, demolition management, and deplanting technical industrial services,” said Chris Foulkes, CEO, KAEFER UK & Ireland. “We have a proven track record of delivering complex projects to both the UK’s decommissioning and nuclear new build programmes, and are committed to local roles and supply chains, developing close links with the local communities in which we operate: The Magnox framework gives us the chance to expand on this further and with a wider remit.”

Keltbray’s Chief Executive Officer, Darren James, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with Magnox to fulfil their requirements to safely and securely deliver these site closure programmes, which are of huge national importance. Our role on both lots of the framework highlights Keltbray’s growing strengths in the design, delivery, maintenance and decommissioning of highly regulated UK legacy assets.  We are excited to get started and are looking forward to working with the wider industry to deliver Magnox’s mission for the benefit of the UK.”

Kian Woodward, NUVIA’s managing director of projects, engineering and decommissioning said: “‘NUVIA is pleased to be working as part of Metis – a team made up of NUVIA, Rainham Industrial Services (RIS), and Hughes and Salvidge (H&S). We very much look forward to supporting Magnox through the DAR Framework. Bringing together the Metis know-how and experience to help bring about further demonstrable progress in decommissioning across the Magnox estate.”

(Photo: Oldbury Site demolition)

Publication Date
22 June 2023