International collaboration shines a spotlight on stakeholder engagement

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The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA), hosted American and Canadian counterparts to share best practice around how best to deliver effective stakeholder engagement, which is critical to decommissioning.

Representatives from the United States Department of Energy (DoE) and Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL), took part in a two-day workshop to share successes and challenges, as part of a trilateral partnership agreed by the international bodies.

The partnership encourages collaboration on the successful decommissioning and remediation of legacy nuclear sites and the safe management of their radioactive waste, to ensure the protection of present and future generations and the environment.

The workshop focussed on how to increase and improve engagement, including utilising emerging technologies and digital communications.

Attendees explored how each body engages with communities, regulators, NGOs, local authorities, and government, with individuals from these organisations asked to also attend the workshop to ensure their opinions could be reflected in the outcomes, including representatives from the US and Canada.

The three countries also shared best practice on how to continue encouraging younger people to become aware of their respective missions, ensuring that not only their voices are heard but that they are also aware of the vast opportunities available for those considering a career within the industry.

In addition to the workshop, participants also visited Sellafield to find out more about nuclear waste processing and storage, and how the UK is tackling some of the most complex nuclear decommissioning challenges.

The formal trilateral partnership between the NDA, DoE and AECL was established in 2020 and seeks to enhance collaboration, whilst also improving the collective approaches to the decommissioning and remediation of legacy nuclear sites sustainably, reducing the impacts on communities and the environment.

The three organisations meet quarterly to share their experience and approaches to managing the decommissioning, remediation, and transformation of their legacy nuclear sites in the most effective, efficient, safe, and sustainable way.

A main principle of this shared approach is engaging with local communities and governments, Indigenous Peoples, and other stakeholder groups to identify optimum approaches for long-term land stewardship. The three bodies have also committed going forward to continue stakeholder participation and representation in any subsequent trilateral events.

Publication Date
25th July 2023
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