BEEP Doctors welcome extra support from Sellafield Ltd

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Sellafield is boosting the support for life saving emergency services in the community with the announcement of further funding for BEEP Doctors Cumbria.

BEEP Doctors (BASICS) Cumbria is a charity providing skilled volunteer doctors who can rapidly respond to accidents and emergencies in the community.

Its team of 12 volunteer doctors work 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide enhanced emergency care and surgical procedures that are not normally possible until a patient reaches hospital.

Last year Sellafield Ltd provided over £91k of funding to the charity through our Social Impact Multiplied (SiX) programme of community investments, enabling the BEEP Doctors to buy two brand new emergency response vehicles.

This year an additional £61k has helped the Doctors to equip their vehicles with additional kit such as mechanical ventilators, chest compression devices, and patient monitoring systems; meaning they can respond to a wider variety of emergencies and potentially save more lives.

Sellafield Ltd CEO Euan Hutton met with the BEEP Doctors this week to see the new equipment for himself and learn more about the difference it will make. He said: “The BEEP Doctors do vital work in our communities, and we’re delighted to continue our support in getting them the equipment they need.

Publication Date
8 September 2023
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