New research shows the positive impact of Hinkley Point C on social mobility and the economy

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Hinkley Point C has transformed the fortunes of its local area, according to new research. What was once seen as being too remote, with not enough jobs, and an ageing population, has instead become a success story.

In 2017 the Guardian reported that West Somerset was bottom in a UK league table for social mobility – but what a difference a nuclear new build project like Hinkley Point C has made to the local economy since then.

New figures from the Heart of South West Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) show that Hinkley Point C has helped young people stay and thrive in West Somerset and Sedgemoor, with the 25-39 population up by almost 50% in Sedgemoor. The project’s closest town of Bridgwater is booming with productivity growing faster than anywhere else in the region and well above the national average. There has been a 28% increase in local employment and a 100% increase in large companies setting up.

Making this happen has been a joint effort with organisations like the Heart of the South West LEP, Somerset Council, Somerset Chamber of Commerce, Bridgwater and Taunton College and South West Manufacturing Advisory Service. Together we are clearly making a big difference to people’s lives and their future prosperity.

Publication Date
11 August 2023
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