British Nuclear: Delivering 24GW by 2050

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The UK is on the verge of a nuclear renaissance – how can we seize the moment?

As Europe faces a disastrous energy crisis this winter, the reliability, security, and independence provided by nuclear power in the UK is more valuable than ever.

Hinkley Point C well underway, and Sizewell C is ready to pick up the baton; Britain’s nuclear future looks bright. With largescale nuclear being built, the enormous potential of advanced nuclear innovation and government commitment via Great British Nuclear, all the buildings blocks are being put in place to realise our goal of 24GW of nuclear capacity by 2050.

This panel will focus on the opportunities that could be realised through a national commitment to nuclear power as a cornerstone of a strategy for reaching Net Zero, including job creation, regional development, and energy security. Our panel of industry leaders will consider the practical steps we must take today to secure this proud British industry for the next generation.

Join us to learn what it will it take for Britain to finance, permit, construct and export the energy solutions of the future.

Speakers will include:

  • Rt Hon Jacob Rees-Mogg MP, Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy 
  • Mark Hartley, Technical Director, Hinkley Point C  Julia Pyke, Director of Financing, Sizewell C 
  • Tom Samson, Chief Executive Officer, Rolls Royce SMR  
  • Alex Simakov (Chair), Senior Research Fellow for Energy, Policy Exchange