Senior Engineer

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Job Description
  • Demonstrates excellent mathematical, analytical and problem solving skills, in area of discipline.
  • Establishes design related hypothesis for testing through data analysis.
  • Having achieved accreditation, leads an engineering team for a project or package of design work.
  • Produces and /or reviews technical drawings, 3D models, plans schematics and material requisition specifications and resolves design gaps with stakeholders.
  • Ensures that engineering designs are safe, sustainable and compliant with regulations. Understands the application of the safety design standards in the real world.
  • Having achieved accreditation, supervises the engineering team and is accountable for the output (and certification if required).
  • Plans resources of small, short term projects or parts of larger projects, applying Aurecon methodology and complying with all policies.
  • May be single point of accountability for a project or part of project. Refer Project Manager “Hat” role card.
  • Has attained relevant certification and registration.

Client Mastery

  • Assists colleagues deliver positive client experience; escalates client service issues.
  • Demonstrates understanding of the client, key objectives and industry/markets. Can tell the story of our work to clients.
  • Can discuss Blueprint, Capabilities and offerings with client peers. Can translate technical concepts into everyday language, where appropriate.
  • Developing an internal profile, for example through knowledge sharing
  • Continually seeks and responds to client feedback

Commercial Mastery

  • Developing commercial acumen. Is familiar with Aurecon Business Landscape and the focus areas that drive financial performance: Health & Safety, Project Profitability, People and Risk.
  • Raises any concerns with scope and timelines with colleagues. Understand cost/price models and tools


  • Contributes fully to Let’s Talk and creating an inspiring performance culture.
  • Committed to mastering their craft and honing their core engineering / technical skills. Champions continuous learning, seeks opportunities to stretch and develop capability; seeks informal mentoring and coaching opportunities (as mentor and mentee). Maintains skills in Workday
  • Clarifies instructions, reports on progress and raises problems with senior colleagues. When delegating work, communicates requirements clearly and gives constructive feedback.
  • Supports senior colleagues build and develop diverse teams by leveraging attributes and applying Principles.

Experience Needed To Apply

Essential IQ

  • Complies with integrity management policies, and in particular the Code of Conduct and Anti Bribery and Corruption Policies.
  • Understands and complies with Heath and Safety, Wellbeing, Diversity and Inclusion policies. Assists others to understand, models positive safety behaviour and intervenes when risks are uncontrolled.
  • Complies with time reporting, billing and other financial policies; applies Methodology and DOA
  • Seeks and shares knowledge, insights and experience across the business to spark innovation, improve operational effectiveness and/or enhance client experiences.
  • Adheres to Quality, Environment and Sustainability guidelines to ensure accountable project delivery and mitigate risk.

Digital Mastery

  • Has a strong foundation of utilising cloud collaboration tools for file sharing, chatting and communicating.
  • Uses approved content engines and collaboration platforms and applies good information management principles
  • Promotes the uptake of current and emerging digital applications in area of discipline. Leads by example through own learning and development.

Design to Innovate

  • Actively looks for applications to use Chapter 2 Essentials from the D2I Thinking Tools.
  • Works in partnership with local I40+ on projects.
  • Brings a human centred innovation mindset.

Qualifications, Registrations & Other Requirements

  • Bachelor Degree in Engineering (Washington Accord).
  • Relevant certification and registration.