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Job Description

In this role, you will be always be challenged! You will work with businesses and government to shape a more equitable future for Aotearoa New Zealand to enable people, places, and businesses to thrive for generations. To realise this vision, a transformation is underway in how government and industry invests, designs, and delivers infrastructure. You will play an instrumental role in realising this vision with your work to better schools and hospitals, transforming the water sector, decarbonising industry, and national building infrastructure projects.

We're an Infrastructure Advisory team where we know that the work we do is vital in assisting our world's economic development, and it's the technical expertise and the depth of knowledge of our people that really sets us apart. Here are the key things that you will do to bring ideas to life:

  • Assist clients to navigate challenges and help them solve complex problems. Often, these problems require an understanding of how social, economic, or financial value is delivered, whether that is to customers, shareholders, or taxpayers
  • Use research tools and undertake financial and economic analysis, and apply modelling methods to help clients make important decisions for their organisations, such as monetised cost-benefit methods
  • Produce professional, visually-engaging deliverables for clients to effectively convey our complex analyses into a tidy and easily digestible format, including business cases and other similar investment decision-making tools

We know that today's complex challenges can be solved only through bringing together diverse teams of people from across our business, so there will be opportunities for you to apply your skills and creativity to projects in other geographies and markets.

What can you bring to the team?

You will share our genuine passion for re-imagining the future of Aotearoa and be someone that actively pursues continuous learning to help shape this vision.

To be successful in your application, you will need to have:

  • A track record of working with a team to bring ideas to life
  • Strong communication and numerical skills for report writing and presentations
  • The ability to find pragmatic solutions to real world problems
  • A broad set of experiences at and outside work that help you inform your growing problem-solving skills
  • A relevant tertiary qualification such as economics, finance, accounting, law, science, mathematics, computer science, engineering, or operation research will be of great value to your application

Our client's attributes describe the types of people we bring together, and there will be at least one that resonates strongly with you. Because of this, we know that each of their team members brings something different to the business. We look for people who have had a broad range of experiences throughout their career and can demonstrate how they have worked as part of a team to bring ideas to life.

Does that sound like you?