Associate Engineer

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Job Description
  • In association with the Principal/ Technical Director, is responsible for the planning, design and implementation of complex engineering solutions to meet client needs
  • Recommends for approval final design submittals including basis of design, technical specifications, plans layouts, schematics and detail design. Provides expert guidance for creative and innovative, safe design solutions.
  • Leads safe and sustainable design initiatives and supports compliance with regulatory and legislative requirements.
  • Manages multi-disciplinary teams and ensures efficient business processes. Alternatively may lead through eminence and technical mastery.
  • Where deployed as Project Manager, leads mid size to large complex projects; oversees multi-disciplinary teams and deals with complex environments and risk.
  • Demonstrates deep industry knowledge and expertise in area of specialism; deepening experience in dealing with complex technical issues. Understands clients business outcomes when problem solving.
  • May be single point of accountability for a project. Refer Project Manager “Hat” role card.

Client Mastery

  • Sets and meets client service expectations; delivers value to the client in area of specialisation; handles conflict effectively.
  • Developing deep insight into the client business and shares this knowledge with colleagues.
  • Scopes and converts additional work with existing clients, in line with Blueprint. Identifies opportunities with new clients. Actively contributes to client relationship building activities and winning work.
  • Builds and maintains strong internal and external profile
  • Continually seeks and responds to client feedback

Commercial Mastery

  • Demonstrates strong commercial acumen. Drives sustainable financial performance across all focus areas
  • Understands the regional financial plan and develops goals to achieve financial KPIs, in association with Technical Director/ Principal
  • Manages time of self and others, contributes to optimising team performance and efficiency.


  • Champions Let’s Talk. Leads an inspiring performance culture, through sharing knowledge with others and /or leading a team.
  • Helps to create a culture of continuous learning, seeks opportunities for informal mentoring (as mentee and mentor). Coaches in the creation of learning content
  • Seeks work for self and others when underutilised. Promotes networked opportunities and learning to create rewarding employee experiences.
  • Builds and develops diverse teams by leveraging attributes and applying Principles.

Experience Needed To Apply

Essential IQ

  • Champion integrity management policies, and in particular the Code of Conduct and Anti Bribery and Corruption Policies.
  • Advocates for Heath and Safety, Wellbeing, Diversity and Inclusion policies. Assists others to understand, models positive safety behaviour and intervenes when risks are uncontrolled. Takes accountability for health and safety execution.
  • Champions completion of time reporting, billing and other financial compliance; adheres to DOA.
  • Accountable for adherence to Quality, Environment and Sustainability guidelines to ensure accountable project delivery and mitigate risk.
  • Leads the application and implementation of methodology
  • Champions the capture and sharing of knowledge, insights and experience across the business to encourage innovation, improve operational effectiveness and/or enhance client experiences.

Digital Mastery

  • Has a strong foundation of utilising cloud collaboration tools for file sharing, chatting and communicating.
  • Understand the fundamentals of good digital information management and a Project Information Management System. Identify specific workflows which can be optimised or automated by applying Computational Design.
  • Possess sound skills in meta-tagging information to underpin our Knowledge Management System, including our kHubs. Applying a model first approach  on projects, utilising Aurecon’s approved content engines by applying Project Information Management Standard.
  • Refers opportunities for client digital solutions through networking with digital delivery teams and Digital Practice leaders.
  • Leads by example in staying up to date on digital trends within the digital capability areas and client opportunities, by attending internal digital knowledge shares and linking in with the regional digital practice lead and global digital teams.

Design to Innovate

  • Understands how to leverage D2I’s value to optimise solutions and articulate this advantage to clients; connects with regional D2I Partner for assistance.
  • Collaborates with i40+ to coordinate and customise D2I approach to address client opportunity.

Qualifications, Registrations & Other Requirements

  • Bachelor Degree in Engineering. 
  • Relevant certification and registration.
  • Promotion to Associate is dependent on business demand and availability.